- Dcn F. A.

I give God the glory for every mountain, trial and every test. I came to this church last year when Pastor Asare was here during the winter conference in November and I received a word that “the company you stay with will determine how far you will go in life” and I needed to hear that.

1st of March, I got up from my bed and told God that I was tired and I was hungry for him. I looked at the internet to find out what was happening at LFC. I asked my children if they were coming and the answer was yes. When we got to church, the first word that came out of Pastor Chris’ mouth was Exodus 12: 2 “this month shall be unto you, the beginning of the beginnings”. The word was for me and I held on to the word. It has been the beginning of the beginnings since I walked in to this church.

There has always been a confirmation in every message, even at the women’s retreat. I just want to thank Pastor Abi for the retreat and I give God the glory for where I am now in Christ.


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